About Centre State Asphalting

Centre State Asphalting is a customer and quality focussed asphalt production and bituminous contracting business. 

Based in Maryborough and Castlemaine, CentreState has serviced a wide geographic market in and around Bendigo and Ballarat, through to the borders of New South Wales and South Australia for over 10 years.  Offering a broad range of asphalt and spray sealing solutions, our aim is to provide a quality bituminous pavement within client’s budgets. 

By continuing to invest in our people, and plant and equipment, CentreState has the skills and resources to service a full range of project types, from domestic driveways, tennis courts and carparks, to large hardstands, subdivisions, highway patching and re-sheeting, and local road rehabilitation.  Our loyal and growing customer base attests to the quality of our pavement advice, workmanship and asphalt mixes.